Wednesday, December 6, 2006

DiskWarrior 4.0

At last, the Intel- and Tiger-savvy version of DiskWarrior is available. DiskWarrior is an essential utility that has saved me lots of time over the years. Alsoft is a pleasure to do business with, and they’re on the very short list of companies from whom I will buy an upgrade sight-unseen as soon as I see that a new version is available.

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I'm right there with you. Dug out my DiskWarrior 2.1 CD today to get the serial number off of it...

I think it's a great product, and extremely well priced for what it does, but $9 shipping for a CD (with no download option on the upgrade) leaves a bad taste.

Of course, if it were $60 (instead of $50) with "free shipping", I'd still think I was getting a great deal. Perhaps I'm an idiot.

Another DiskWarrior fan wrote me to complain about the shipping fee. $60 with free shipping would probably seem like a better deal.

I just received my CD. It was sent in a small box using Priority Mail (flat-rate $4.05 for less than 1 pound). The CD itself is printed with my serial number, the same one I've had for previous versions of DiskWarrior. Add in the cost of the other materials and labor, and I don't think the $9 is unreasonable, but it does seem like a lot given that I can order something really heavy from Amazon and get "free" shipping.

Alsoft has terrible customer support.

Alsoft's *technical* support was quite helpful the couple times I needed it a few years ago.

Alsoft sells version of Diskwarrior that it knows don't work on most current Macs and tells customers tough luck when they want to return it. They also hide this fact on their web site.

I need to buy the cd version of Diskwarrior 2.1. I have an older Mac and I am on satellite for the internet so I cannot download the version. If anyone is willing to sell their cdv2.1 to me please email me at I already own the Diskwarrior 4 version for my new mac so I will never need to use your serial number on upgrades.

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