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Friday, December 1, 2006

ATPM 12.12

The December issue of ATPM is out:

Delayed Windows Vista File Open Dialogs

Mark Russinovich:

I had determined that Windows Vista’s File Open dialog tries to look up a user’s display name for the “bread crumb” bar when showing the documents folder and in the process tries to locate a domain controller by sending a Lan Manager datagram via the Bowser.sys device driver. I also knew that there’s no workaround for the delayed dialogs and that anyone that has a domain joined system that’s not connected to their domain will experience the same delays - at least until Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

Via Omar Shahine, who writes:

When I read posts like this I think “I can’t believe that in all the man hours that went into Vista, no one caught this bug.” But then I also think, this is a classic example of why bugs exist.