Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Log Out

Arno Gourdol (via John Gruber):

Our dear Senior VP insisted that it should have a keyboard shortcut, and that shortcut should be Command + Q, the same keyboard shortcut you use to quit applications. I mean, how often do you logout that you need a keyboard shorctut for it? But if you’re going to pick a shortcut, Command + Q is a terrible shortcut, because it’s way too easy to get the context wrong, not realize that the Finder is the frontmost application, instead of, say, Safari and logout when you meant to Quit. For a while, we had some internal builds implemented that way. I tried to argue we should not have a keyboard shortcut for Logout, but since NextStep had one, it was a very difficult argument to win. So instead, I convinced our dear Sr VP that it would be even better if we picked a keyboard shortcut so that from any application, without having to switch to the Finder first, you could log out.

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