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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

LuaCore 0.2

A small framework from Gus Mueller for embedding Lua in a Cooca app.

ATPM 12.11

The November issue of ATPM is out:

QuickBooks Pro 2007

I figured that after three major versions it was finally time to update my QuickBooks. There are some things I like about the new version, such as the ability to remove clutter from the account list by making accounts inactive. I also like that my data is now stored in a SQLite database, rather than locked up in a completely proprietary binary format. But on the whole, it’s a disappointment. The interface is largely unchanged except for the use of smooth fonts (in most windows) and the major reorganization of the menus (which is fine, but after a few weeks I still haven’t adjusted to it). The new Accounts window takes up a huge amount of screen space, with unreasonably wide and unconfigurable column widths. Reference numbers are still limited to too few characters. And it’s slow. One of the reasons I wanted to upgrade is that the old version took a long time to launch in Rosetta. The universal version launches quicker but actually feels slower. I’m guessing this is related to the new file format.