Thursday, September 7, 2006

BBEdit 8.5

Fantastic update to the app I live in. Despite the only 0.24 jump in the version number, this seems to me to be a bigger update than either 7.0 or 8.0 was. 6.0 probably had more changes under the hood, but they weren’t as evident at the user level.

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"Document state is now tracked when files are moved—like it was in the old days of resource forks."

...except when you copy the files to another machine. Then the state is lost, unlike in the good old days. Boo.

@John: "Beginning with version 8.0, BBEdit stores document state (window position and various settings) in a central repository in your BBEdit preferences folder. If you wish, you can ask BBEdit to store document state in the resource fork of the document's file: [...]"

The [...] is left as an exercise for the reader. :-)

"Secret BBEdit Preferences" eh? In that giant change notes web page you couldn't find room for this one? If you'd used extended attributes instead of the resource fork, you could have even marketed it as "advanced technology" ;)

They're not *that* secret any more:

Help -> Secret Preferences

If I remember correctly, I filed a (joke) feature request for a searchable preferences window once (and that was before Apple demoed Spotlight.) I'm so glad it now exists.

That camel-case navigation also works for underscore names as in mainContent or main_content.

Thanks to John for the heads-up about the excellent pricing scheme for this round. I know I've seen it mentioned somewhere, but the refreshed program icon is beautiful. (I disliked the previous one so much I replaced it with a nearly generic one.)

I want also to extend Michael's comment that the "interface and preferences seem more polished and modern." Indicating a few of the file characteristics at the bottom of the window is very nice.

Like the marketing copy says: It doesn't suck.

I' still waiting for a searchfield in the toolbar (!!! the old fashioned quicksearch window is really not handy) and for disk browsers to ALLOW file editing…

defaults write com.barebones.bbedit FindDialog:UsesFindScrap -bool NO


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