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Jan Erik Moström recommends PmWiki, which he says is easy to install and stores its pages in files so that it’s possible to synchronize them or store them in Subversion. The syntax is only somewhat similar to MediaWiki’s, though.

Sudoku Solver

A Sudoku solver in three lines of Perl (via John Gruber). More interesting to me would be a solver that didn’t rely on backtracking.

Apple Store in Portland

Cabel Sasser:

Part of me thinks that, because the Apple Store is modern, it doesn’t fit into their old-timey, victorian vision of the neighborhood. But that’s funny: a street that tries very hard to not be a mall—but really is basically a mall—has become a kind of reverse-mall, where everything still looks the same, but in a different way. You follow me? It’s almost, ironically, a kind of reality distortion field: “if these buildings look like old houses, we can pretend these national chains aren’t here!”