Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Given Apple’s recent hardware updates, the MacBook is pretty much what you’d expect. MagSafe. Front Row. The base model costs $100 more than the iBook. Core Duo. AirPort and Bluetooth are built-in, but the modem is optional and external. Dual-display support with DVI out, but integrated video. The 1280x800 display is wider (and brighter), and the computer itself is wider and thinner.

What I didn’t expect: There’s no Core Solo model for $999. It’s 0.3 pounds heavier than the 12-inch iBook and 0.6 pounds heaver than the 12-inch PowerBook. When configured identically, it costs $150 extra to get the black. [Update: And, apparently, there’s no microphone. Weird. Update 2: Unlike the G4 iBook and PowerBook, the MacBook and MacBook Pro have power adapters with different wattages.] Some people are grumbling that at about 1.6 inches wider than the iBook it’s too large (even though the other two dimensions are smaller), but I think it’s a reasonable trade for the additional pixels. Overall, a great machine, especially for students. I would’t be surprised if Apple can’t meet demand for these things.

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No microphone and yet an iSight? That can't be right.

Additionally you can see two small holes on either side of the camera and I seem to recall something about iSight cameras having stereo microphones which someone provide for much better sound quality.

The comparison chart lists the MacBook as having a built-in omnidirectional microphone.

Odd, though, that it isn't on the tech specs.

TidBITS is reporting that the "Intel GMA 950 graphics processor has 64 MB of video memory, and shares the MacBook's 512 MB to 2 GB of main memory as needed," but I think that's incorrect and that the 64 MB is also borrowed from the main memory.

From "http://www.apple.com/macbook/specs.html":

- Built-in stereo speakers
- Built-in omnidirectional microphone

It would have been to weird not to have a microphone. Especially since they made that mistake already with the very first iBook.

Johan: Yes, it looks like they've corrected that page.

Apparently, the MacBook has great wireless range.

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