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Monday, May 1, 2006

Ask For Photos

Alas, Apple doesn’t provide an API for its iLife applications, but MacOSXHints points out that iPhoto has an Automator action for choosing photos, so it should be possible to do this programmatically without completely rolling your own (via Matthew Binkowski).

Virtualization as an Antivirus

Jonathan Rentzsch’s antivirus utility of choice is Virtual PC:

Only the disposable images are allowed to play on the Net. Even if/when they get compromised, they don’t last long — I shutdown the image and use Undo Disks to throw away whatever changes they’ve made. Thus pretty much every time I use IE6, I’m using it from a “fresh”, untainted XP install, regardless of what malware snuck in the last session.

ATPM 12.05

The May issue of ATPM is out: