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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Good luck to John Gruber, who’s quit his job and will now try writing his site full-time. I think this will solve the catch-22 in which lots of people liked his work but were reluctant to become members because he wasn’t writing enough.

A Tour of Microsoft’s Mac Lab

David Weiss gives a photo tour of Microsoft’s testing lab:

We have lots of Apple hardware. You can see here the old colorful iMacs along with some of the old iBooks. You can also see two of our Lab Technicians working on the backup systems, but more about that later. Up until a few months ago we had every significant hardware revision Apple has ever released since the dawn of time. We even had a section of the Lab we affectionately called the “Mac Nursery” where we kept all the older Macs going. We even had an old SE/30 and IIci and super expensive Mac II all connected via PhoneNet running Spectre, just for fun. It's always super fun to boot Word 1.0 or Excel 1.0 on these old machines and see how much things have changed.