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Hidden iPod Commands

Collin Allen:

I grew tired of Googling each time I needed the correct button sequence to put iPods into their various modes, so I’ve put together this little interactive display. Click on one of the three darkened buttons above to display the key presses necessary to put the iPod in the selected mode.

iPod Volume Limiting

Bill Bumgarner says the lawsuit was stupid but the feature is not. I see where he’s coming from, because even with closed headphones I’ve had to turn the volume way up on planes, but in this case I think the solution is noise cancellation, which apparently no longer needs to cost as much as your iPod.

Blosxom and Worse-Is-Better

Mark Dominus (author of the excellent Higher Order Perl) now has a blog:

In a world full of bloated, grossly over-featurized software that still doesn’t do quite what you want, Blosxom is a spectacular counterexample. It’s a slim, compact piece of software that doesn’t do quite what you want—but because it is slim and compact, you can scratch your head over it for couple of minutes, take out the hammer and tongs, and get it adjusted the way you want.

Server-side Sessions Are a Hack

Scott Lewis:

My main motivation for this is that stateless servers are far, far easier to write and the client-side code is going to have to know the state anyway. So why not push the state all the way out to the client. Or, as we used to say: push the processing to the edge of the network. But I’m sure that sort of phrase is ‘Web 2.0’-ish enough…