Monday, January 23, 2006

Yojimbo 1.0

Yojimbo is an interesting new organizer application from Bare Bones Software. It uses Core Data, supports encrypted notes, and synchronizes via .Mac.

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They're entering a crowded market. What does this product do that DEVONThink and Mori (formerly known as Hog Bay NoteBook) don't do, to name only two? It looks like they're more flexible (and powerful) organizers, while Yojimbo offers encryption of individual items.

Well, yes, it's crowded. I've experimented wtih both the applications you mention as well as AquaMinds NoteTaker, and I'm a registered user of StickyBrain and of Circus Ponies NoteBook. After playing with it a bit, I still like Yojimbo.

It's an easy way to collect various clippings from multiple browsers, RSS readers, email clients, etc. And the dot-Mac synchronization *rocks* if you have multiple machines (I do).

And since it's from BareBones, it Just Works. (And doesn't suck. :-)

I think it's worth a try...

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