Friday, January 20, 2006

Sending E-mail via STSN

I’m staying at a Marriott tonight that uses STSN for Internet access, and at first when I tried to send mail I couldn’t get connected to the SMTP server. Port 25 is blocked. Turns out it’s not a bug; it’s a feature. Changing the server to didn’t help, but changing the port did. DreamHost accepts SMTP connections on port 587, and Pair accepts them on 2525.

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I was having similar issues at the Boston Marriott which led me to your post. The MX record for pointed to, but this did not work. A portscan of revealed port 25 was the only available option at this time, and I was able to send my mail there.

Anthony Draper

If you call iBahn's helpdesk they will open port 25 for you. Was fairly painless. Port25 Worked at the swissotel in Chicago. Thank you for the help.

For g-mail pop accounts, just change the smtp server port to from 25 to 587 and that will also work. All other settings can remain the same.

Ok changing smtp to and changing the port to 587 worked springhill suites, seattle thanks for the help

Changed port to 587 and worked at marriott houston.

At the Hilton Garden Inn in Denver, changing to or/and changing port from 25 to 587 did not work.

Calling Ibahn resulted in recorded instructions with the usual tips but what is needed is to unblock port 25.....

No luck here...

At the Marriott LA Downtown and changing the port to 587 worked fine for me with my existing SMTP server. 25 was blocked.

Spokane Courtyard Marriott worked with port 587 and my existing server.

Thanks 587 worked for me.

Thanks for the help here, i changed to 587 at the Marriott Washingtionian in DC and all worked ok. I didnt have to change any other settings.

TownePlace Suits by Marriot Redwood City CA -- a request to any SMTP sever using port 25 is being redirected to that reports sending OK but doesn't deliver any message. Changing SMTP to worked.

Thank you very much for the help. Changing to 587 worked at the Holiday Inn, Munich, Germany.

kelvin thompson

how do you change ports to 587?

@kelvin thompson That would be in the account preferences for your mail program.

Using my existing smtp server and changing the port from 25 to 587 worked at Marriott Suites Washington Dulles. Thanks Mike and all others who have posted. Nomadix is the internet provider at this hotel. Unbelievably, well, not one at the front desk even knew what my fiancee was asking about. SMTP? Eyes Glaze Over. :-O

Thanks a lot! Port 25 in New York

David Pickett

This thread was most useful to resolve outgoing outgoing email rejections at Radisson Flagstaff Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. They use iBahn and the outgoing SMTP need to be set to and there was no apparenet need to change a port. The Reception man was helpful as far as he could, but said "I've been here 3 years and it's the first time I've heard of this problem". Interesting .... and it's the first time I've had this problem in a hotel for some time. Usually you can go to the IPS's website and look it up, but not with iBahn. Maybe there's someting unique about my Outlook or the wasy it is set up.

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