Tuesday, January 17, 2006

iMac Core Duo

Gus Mueller’s iMac Core Duo arrived yesterday; mine just left Shanghai. ArsTechnica has a review, which says that it’s quieter but much harder to user-service than the pre-iSight model. The interface feels snappy, and Rosetta is usable. The article also has benchmarks, but I’m not sure how accurate they are since the machines have vastly different amounts of RAM.

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Yeah...the RAM differences were frustrating to see. The iMac Core Duo only had its stock 512 MB and I'm sure that made a difference on some of the tests. It still did reasonably well, though.

I've got a gig of ram in mine, and it seems to perform just fine.

One thing that kind of surprised me, was Safari just seems to scream on it. I suppose that could be that Safari on my "unclean" user account is just bogged down somehow... but I hope that's not the case. Here's another benchmark I used:

5:16 vs 4:32 to compile subversion on my g5 vs intel imac. 2.7ghz vs 1.83 ghz. Those are some nice numbers in favor of the imac.

Check out these benchmarks from Wincent Colaiuta.

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