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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Google’s Interface

Donald Norman:

Anybody can make a simple-looking interface if the system only does one thing. If you want to do one of the many other things Google is able to do, oops, first you have to figure out how to find it, then you have to figure out which of the many offerings to use, then you have to figure out how to use it. And because all those other things are not on the home page but, instead, are hidden away in various mysterious places, extra clicks and operations are required for even simple tasks—if you can remember how to get to them.

Snakes and Rubies Video

There’s now video from the Django-Rails event:

On December 3, 2005, Ruby and Python developers from Chicago and vicinity gathered at DePaul University to hear two of the leaders in rapid Web-application development debate the merits of each other’s frameworks.

The Life

It’s great to hear that Michael Dupuis (SQLGrinder and MacGourmet) and Allan Odgaard (TextMate) are living “the life.”