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A Brief Look at C++0x

Bjarne Stroustrup:

In my opinion, C++ has become too “expert friendly” and it will cost us little to provide much better support for “novices.” It will cost us nothing in terms of performance (the zero-overhead principle still holds), in flexibility (we don’t propose to prohibit anything), or in terseness of code. On the contrary, we aim to simplify expression of ideas.

(Via Nat!, who got a laugh out of Stroustrup’s simplicity claims.)

The Art of Intrapreneurship

Guy Kawasaki:

One of the great ironies of startups is the envy entrepreneurs express for innovators in large companies—let’s use the Gifford Pinchot term: “intrapreneurs.” From the outside looking in, entrepreneurs think intrapreneurs have it made: ample capital, infrastructure (desks, chairs, Internet access, secretaries, lines of credit, etc), salespeople, support people, and an umbrella brand.…Guess again.