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ATPM 12.01

The January issue of ATPM is out:

Verizon’s Installer AppleScript

Daniel Jalkut:

This whole thing involves about a hundred bazillion dangerous, presumptuous “do shell script” calls. Instead of using AppleScript’s built-in file access routines, the author has chosen to use shell scripts and the “echo” command to perform all of his writes. For all of his reads, he uses a combination of the UNIX “cat” command with the “sed” and “tail” command. For each line of the original Bookmarks line to be read, he cats the *entire* file and pipes the result through sed and then tail. Seeing this kind of stuff makes me wonder whether half of my hard drive was deleted and I just haven’t found out yet.

You Never Forget Your First Web Server

Jeremy Zawodny:

It was nearly 10 years ago (mid 1996) that I first put my own web server on the Internet. Back in college, I managed to convince one of the staff to give my personal computer a static IP address so that I could run a Web server. At the time there were no other student computers on the campus network, let alone with static addresses.