Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Info-Mac Retires

Adam Engst:

To all good things there must come an end, and it is with some sadness that I officially retire the Info-Mac Network. Nominally, I’ve been president of the non-profit volunteer organization since incorporating it in 2000, but in reality I’ve been only one of many volunteers who have helped keep Info-Mac running over the years. But over the past year or so, it’s become clear both that Info-Mac has outlived most of its utility and that it’s not worth investing yet more time, effort, and money in keeping it going longer.

This will probably affect most people about as much as the official end of Mac IE, which is to say not very much. But let’s remember how great Info-Mac, like IE 5, was in its day. In 1992, Alex Reed introduced me to MacTCP, Fetch, and the archive, that’s how I really discovered the world of Mac software.

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