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Thursday, December 1, 2005

ATPM 11.12

The December issue of ATPM is out:

Making Backups Useful

Daniel Jalkut:

What’s really sad is that the small percentage of people who do make the heroic effort of backing up are kidding themselves if they think they’re much better protected. There are many, many ways a person can lose data. Too many to count, yet the backup strategies typically employed by “plain folks” protect against only two: hard drive failure and careless erasure. In a world where hard drive reliability is at an all time high, and most data sits in the “Trash Can” or “Recycle Bin” for some time before being permanently deleted, these particular dangers may be much less probable than other risks that are obliviously under-addressed.

One of these days, I should set up a script that copies my latest backups to the Web server in California.