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Address Book’s Edit Mode

Pierre Igot:

This particular problem has actually happened to me a few times. I couldn’t get Mail to autocomplete an e-mail address for me, even though the e-mail address was clearly there in a card in my Address Book. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t autocomplete the e-mail address. Finally, I realized that I had mistakenly entered the e-mail address in the “work” phone number field! If you do that, then of course Mail will not actually recognize the e-mail address as an e-mail address and will not include it in its autocomplete feature.

There is also another problem with this way of labelling the card’s text fields with grey text in the fields when they are empty. The problem is that this grey text is automatically removed from the field and replaced by the data you are entering only if you do things as expected. The other day, I mistakenly pressed a cursor key before starting to enter my data, and here’s what happened:


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