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Floating Point

Peter Ammon:

So, as a Mac programmer, I should really get a good handle on these floating point thingies. But floating point numbers seem pretty mysterious. I know that they can’t represent every integer, but I don’t really know which integers they actually can represent. And I know that they can’t represent every fraction, and that as the numbers get bigger, the fractions they can represent get less and less dense, and the space between each number becomes larger and larger. But how fast? What does it all LOOK like?

The English-Likeness Monster

John Gruber:

In a “normal” programming language, the equivalent to “path to fonts folder from user domain” might be something like:

path_to("fonts folder", "user domain")

And the equivalent to “path of fonts folder of user domain” might be:


The point being that in most languages, these two calls don’t look at all similar. Which is a good thing, because they aren’t at all similar: one is a global command taking two parameters, the other is a property of a property of an object. AppleScript’s slavish devotion to English-likeness, on the other hand, gives us two very different syntax constructs that read, to humans, as though they’re semantically identical.

Mac BU

John C. Welch, Rick Schaut, and Pierre Igot discuss the Microsoft re-organization and Mac Office.