Friday, September 23, 2005

No PowerBook Can Hold Me

Jonathan Rentzsch:

I may have to face the fact that my days of living off a PowerBook are over, perhaps for good. If so, I’ll probably go with big-honkin’ desktop machines and one small cheapie iBook for presentations and conferences. I fear the Macintel in the mail is the first step down that slippery slope.

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He needs to boot four partitions? Surely two are fairly pointless:
# A backup of the current version
-- why would you need to boot that wherever you are? Put it on the external drive, and plug it in when you need to boot it. IF you need to boot it. 20gb is a lot of space to waste just so you can trust Software Update.

# The next upcoming version.
-- which there, er, isn't right now. Apart from the seeds of 10.4.3. Exciting. Slap it on the external to.

That leaves two systems at 20GB each, plus 60GB working set ... and 20GB left over on the Powerbook.

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