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Sweetwater Sound

Matt Linderman:

A few days later, I received my order. Inside I found my gear along with some candy (apparently each order comes with a handful of “Sweetwater candy”). I unpacked my loot and realized that I’d been sent an extra Midi cable. I didn’t think I had ordered two but on the invoice it did say two cables. I sent Mac an email about returning the extra cable. He replied, “I threw in another cable for you. If you look at the price, nothing changed from your initial order. It never hurts to have an extra laying around! Thanks again for your business.”

Sweetwater delivered a solid customer experience from top to bottom. No wonder customers sing the company’s praises to others and come back for more.

Sweetwater’s made a loyal customer out of me, too. The service is great, and having a knowledgeable personal sales rep makes sense. However, I think that phone follow-ups, just to make sure that I received the order and everything is working properly, is going a bit too far. Interrupting me for no good reason makes me slightly less happy.


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