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Localization Suite 2.0

The Blue Technologies Group has released a major update to its suite of tools for localization. In theory, localizing a Mac OS X application is simple, since the framework support for it is so good. However, incremental localization, keeping all of the languages up-to-date as you revise the application, can be a nightmare. I’ve written scripts to help with this, and tried a variety of tools, but I never really liked any of them. The tools saved time, but they were complex—with many options—and yet I couldn’t really make them fit in with my workflow. Localization Suite gets a bunch of things right:

I’ve been using Localization Suite 2.0 in beta for about six months, and it’s already saved me many hours. This is a great piece of software, from a dedicated and responsive developer. Amazingly, it’s free, although grateful developers are encouraged to make a donation.