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Friday, February 11, 2005

Jobs Interview Tidbits

Macworld UK reports on a Fortune article that interviewed Steve Jobs. Apparently, three PC companies wanted to license Mac OS X, and Apple only created iMovie after Adobe told them that it wouldn’t make a consumer video-editing program for the Mac. But parts of the article are sketchy. It’s misleading to say that iTunes was written “from scratch” in four months, and I don’t believe that Apple has 1,000 engineers working on applications. Did that many come over from Emagic?

O’Reilly Web Design Bookshelf Online

The complete texts of six O’Reilly Web books—including ones on HTML, CSS, and ActionScript, but not JavaScript—are now available for free (via John Gruber).

Three Software Updates

This week I released new versions of BBAutoComplete, DropDMG, and SpamSieve.