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BBAutoComplete 1.4

bbautocomplete-iconBBAutoComplete 1.4 adds support for Smile and fixes a bug.

Microsoft AntiSpyware

Omar Shahine:

I started beta testing the GIANT AntiSpyware software. I admit, my expectations were low having used some of the other stuff our there. However, I was BLOWN away by how nice a piece of software this is. Not only does it protect you from AntiSypware but it tells me what the heck is going on with my computer. I love knowing when applications are adding themselves to the Startup process, adding Contextual menus, modifying x, y or z. It just leaves me feeling like I'm in control of my PC when installing programs.

Continuation-based Server in Python

Georg Bauer shows how continuations faked with Greenlets can be enough to run a Web server without back-button support.