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Top-Down P2P


In reality, the number of files on the Net ripped from store-bought CDs, DVDs, and videogames is statistically negligible. People don’t share what they buy; they share what is already being shared—the countless descendants of a single “Adam and Eve” file. Even this is probably stolen; pirates have infiltrated the entertainment industry and usually obtain and rip content long before the public ever has a chance to buy it.

MailDrop 2.0b7

The upcoming version of MailDrop cleverly lets you write e-mail templates in PHP, so that you can programmatically customize its sent e-mails based on their merge field values.

NetNewsWire 2.0b10

After originally hoping to ship NetNewsWire 2.0 by WWDC 2004, six months later there’s a second public beta with lots of new features and bug fixes. It looks like it’s going to be well worth the wait. I’m not too sure about the iTunes-style source list selection color, though.