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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Child’s Play Part II

In a sequel to last-year’s article, Electronic Gaming Monthly interviews today’s kids about classic video games (via Linked List):

EGM: What do those [Star Wars] lasers look like?

Anthony: Stars.

Garret: Fireworks.

Bobby: Fireballs.

Parker: Psychedelic snowflakes.

Dillon: It’s snowing up.

Rachel: This looks like a game out of Willy Wonka or something.

Bobby: It’s like, “I’m Willy Wonka. I’ve created a new Star Wars.”

EGM: Are the TIE fighters scary?

Anthony: No. It feels like they’re trying to give me flowers.

Dillon: But flowers that you’re allergic to, so you’re trying to blow them up.