Saturday, December 11, 2004

Google Suggest Number

Jerry Kindall:

How many letters of your name do you have to type into Google Suggest before your name appears on the suggestion list, and at what position does it first appear? (If your name is the only thing on the list, you get position zero as a bonus.) Write the results as “8.4” (you have to type 8 letters, and your name appears first at position #4).

My number is 9.3, which I guess is pretty good considering that my first name is rather long and common:

Google Suggest

And I bet Moore, Jackson, and Jordan, etc. don’t have Erdös Numbers

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Very cool!

Though unbelievably, it doesn't handle non-latin characters correctly. Try typing in "Paul Erdö".

Er, I mean non-ascii characters. I suppose ö is a latin character.

7.5 (It is me, mostly).

6.6 :D

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