Monday, June 21, 2004

Changing Aliases

Is it a bad sign that aliases on my drive keep changing to point to different files and folders? For instance, on Thursday I discovered that the alias to my downloads folder now pointed to the Eudora application. This sort of thing has been happening on and off for months. Disk Utility and DiskWarrior both say the drive is fine.

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Usually, that is a sign of corrupt or inconsistent drive catalogs. Have you tried using Diskwarrior to build new ones?

The other possibility is slightly more obscure. Are you using Path Finder? If so, check to see if the aliases are correct when viewed from Apple's Finder. Path Finder occasionally wigs out in re aliases for reasons unknown.

Yes, I've let DiskWarrior rebuild the catalog.

I am using Path Finder, but the aliases are also incorrect when resolved using other programs.

Haven't had a system crash or panic since March 26, the longest stretch since I started using OS X.

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