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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Towel Day

Matt Deatherage:

I don’t know that you should carry your towel around your house, but you should at least always know where it is.

BSD DB to PyBlosxom

Quentin at Rogue Amoeba:

Two days later, I had finished this beast of a script. It'll take some Movable Type Berkeley DB files, pry as much data out of them as it can (posts, categories, authors, comments), and blast it all out to simple text files that you can use with PyBlosxom. And that, now, is what is running this weblog.

Scheme Macros Primer

Syntax-rules Primer for the Merely Eccentric (via Chris Double):

In learning to write Scheme macros, I have noticed that it is easy to find both trivial examples and extraordinarily complex examples, but there seem to be no intermediate ones. I have discovered a few tricks in writing macros and perhaps some people will find them helpful.