Thursday, May 20, 2004


This blog now runs on WordPress. It was surprisingly easy to install, and the Movable Type importer worked well except that it didn’t fill in the post_date_gmt column. My Movable Type permalinks were of the form:

<$MTArchiveDate format="%Y/%m/%d/"$><$MTEntryTitle dirify="1" trim_to="25"$>.html

This translates to:


in WordPress. The differences are that WordPress uses hyphens instead of underscores and that it doesn’t trim the title to 25 characters. So, to keep my old permlinks working, I changed the WordPress slugs for the imported posts to the Movable Type format:

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_name = SUBSTRING(REPLACE(post_name, '-', '_'), 1, 25)

I also changed line 183 of wp-blog-header.php to make it not delete underscores from the slug in the URL:

$name = preg_replace('/[^_a-z0-9-]/', '', $name);

Finally, after some mod_rewrite fun, all the links from Movable Type should still be valid, and they should permanent-redirect to the new, cruft-free URLs.

For the record, I think Six Apart makes a good product. I’m not upset by their price increases, nor have I been itching for something under the GPL. I simply prefer WordPress.

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Welcome to WordPress! I don't represent them, but am a fan and a switcher of about a month or so. Been a great change!

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