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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Entourage 2004

People who have already received their copies of the new Microsoft Office say that SpamSieve works with Entourage 2004. My copy is in the mail, and I’ll post an official compatibility notice when I test it next week. One of the new features is that Entourage can now apply additional rules after applying one that runs an AppleScript. This should make it easier to integrate SpamSieve with the rest of your rules.

Scott Haneda reports that Entourage 2004 doesn’t draw Monaco 9 properly when you don’t want anti-aliasing. This echoes other Mac OS X font problems that I’ve noted. Former Entourage developer Dan Crevier tried very hard to get this right, but was unable to due to limitations of the ATSUI text engine that are not shared by Cocoa or QuickDraw. Haneda found that ProFont looks better than Monaco in Entourage 2004 and that, as I noted, to get proper spacing you should use ProFontISOLatin1 (although that has a few problems of its own).