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Thursday, February 5, 2004

Code Complete 2

Steve McConnell has posted a draft of the second edition of Code Complete (via Daniel Sandler). The first edition is one of my favorite programming books. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he tackled the main problem with the first edition: its verbosity.


Well, probably not really, but they’re similar enough to make me wonder.

Fat Old Sun (Pink Floyd, 1970) and Clocks (Coldplay, 2002)

The Gold It’s in The… (Pink Floyd, 1972) and Don’t Stop (Fleetwood Mac, 1977)

Kodachrome (Paul Simon, 1973) and Peacekeeper (Fleetwood Mac, 2003)

Heart of Mine (Peter Salett, 2000) and Come Away with Me (Norah Jones, 2002)

Yahoo! Groups SpamGuard

Yahoo! turned on SpamGuard, and today it resulted in 61 false positives from my mailing list messages, with no actual spam caught. When SpamGuard thinks a message spam, it strips the Mailing-List header, so all of these messages landed in my inbox and I had to file them manually. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to turn off SpamGuard for Yahoo! Groups messages.