Monday, February 2, 2004


Brent Simmons started a mailing list for independent Mac developers.

PyObjC 1.1a0 is out. It now has an installer for 10.3 (though the link is broken and should be this), better support for structs, and other improvements.

Bitshift Audio offers 40 MB of free GarageBand loops.

ShopIcons sells, well, icons—for reasonable rates.

Is anyone using Blogads?

Buzz Andersen: “I’m still of the opinion that weblogs […] are the deepest, most effective form of social software yet devised.”

Retrospect 6.0 is out, but after using the product since version 2 or 3, I think I’m done with it.

John Engler and Garrett Murray switch to SpamSieve.

Excerpts of Apple Confidential 2.0 are available.

Office 2004 is missing some of the XML features of Office 2003

There is still no trial version of InDesign CS.

Andrew Birkett posts some thoughts on teleworking.

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I'd love to be done with Retrospect. Since the first OS X version, my happiness with it has sunk, and its cost has risen. But do you have a viable alternative? It's a tricky niche, as Dantz is well aware.

Nat: I don't know of any Mac software that can do what Retrospect can. Nothing is even close. That said, technology has kind of changed what I'm looking for in backup software. My daily backup is now to a FireWire hard disk instead of tape. I archive to CD/DVD now, and Retrospect isn't good for that since its discs can often only be restored using the drive that burned them. Right now I'm using Qdea's Synchronize! Pro X. Would that it supported snapshots, catalogs, etc., but it's decent.

My comment on 2004-02-03 was mistaken; Retrospect CD/DVD backups can be restored using any drive that could have written to them. In other words, you need a SuperDrive to restore DVD backups or a combo drive to restore CD backups.

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