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Joel Spolsky:

In most of the English speaking world it is not considered polite to open letters to a Mr. Joel Spolsky by writing “Dear Spolsky.” One might write “Dear Mr. Spolsky,” or “Dear sir,” or perhaps, “Hi Joel!” But “Dear Spolsky” is usually followed by some story about embezzled funds and needing to borrow my bank account.

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I was perplexed by your criteria for even reading a resume. Some seemed either prejudiced or unreasonable but the one that confused me most was your comment about auto-dumping any e-mail that had yahoo's comment at the bottom. If you use yahoo mail, it's mandatory. Supposidly it can be removed if you pay for their advanced stuff, but I've never been able to figure out how. I guess for your company, that alone would disqualify me, but I got the idea that this was a general comment about resumes.

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