Wednesday, Jan 14, 2004 [Tweets] [Favorites]


John Gruber analyzes the HP/Apple iPod deal and Buzz Andersen raves about HP’s new ad featuring “Pictures of You.” Shades of Sina Tamaddon’s “Good Riddance” iMovie?


Hmm...what is this "Good Riddance" iMovie you speak of? I can't find any references in Google, and I'm dying of curiosity :-)!

I think it was when they first demonstrated iMovie at the keynote in January 2000. Sina Tamaddon made a movie of his kids jumping on the bed and such, and the soundtrack was Green Day's "Good Riddance" (Time of Your Life). Like your example, the music *made* the movie, but the actual meaning of the song isn't quite what you'd want for a commercial.

i think that this song is da bomb even though i dont know the meaning of it though

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