Wednesday, January 14, 2004


John Gruber analyzes the HP/Apple iPod deal and Buzz Andersen raves about HP’s new ad featuring “Pictures of You.” Shades of Sina Tamaddon’s “Good Riddance” iMovie?

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Hmm...what is this "Good Riddance" iMovie you speak of? I can't find any references in Google, and I'm dying of curiosity :-)!

I think it was when they first demonstrated iMovie at the keynote in January 2000. Sina Tamaddon made a movie of his kids jumping on the bed and such, and the soundtrack was Green Day's "Good Riddance" (Time of Your Life). Like your example, the music *made* the movie, but the actual meaning of the song isn't quite what you'd want for a commercial.

i think that this song is da bomb even though i dont know the meaning of it though

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