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Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Graphing Calculator

MacInTouch reports that Panther’s Calculator application has some rudimentary graphing capabilities. It’s no Graphing Calculator by a long shot, but it sure beats building your own MathPaper.

General Magic

Over on the MacJournals list, Mark Twomey posted a link to an article about General Magic’s history. The article is hosted on the rather interesting Web site of Tony Fadell, the lead designer of the iPod, who has a wee bit of experience in the handheld arena.

Update (2020-01-03): The article is now available from the Internet Archive (via Brendan Shanks).

Mailsmith 2.1

Mailsmith 2.1 adds some very nice improvements such as fully keyboard-controlled filing of messages (a feature I loved in Emailer; Mailsmith improves it by adding type-selection in the mailbox list), connection status displayed in the Mail Browser window, and search string synchronization between the Simple Query and Find & Replace windows (as well as other applications). Until the end of the week, you can get Mailsmith 2.1 and SpamSieve 2.1 for $79.