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I’ve long shied away from LCD font smoothing because the colored artifacts bothered me. However, after some convincing I decided to give it a try. After a few weeks, the colors are still there but I no longer really notice them (except when using Exposé) unless I’m trying to see them. When I switch back to CRT font smoothing to take screenshots, the text seems noticeably less black.

Similarly, now that I’m used to Panther, when I switch back to Jaguar to do some testing the window striping looks much more pronounced than I remember.


Wow--I couldn't agree more about the striping. I can't believe how in your face it seems now when I see it.

I always had the same problem with LCD smoothing as well. I guess I'll have to give it a chance...

I agree with your comments, but for whatever reason window striping isn't that noticeable to me. This may be due to my spending a long time with Panther then a long time with Jaguar which is typical for how I work on three different Macs. Can my eyes be adapting so quickly that I don't notice the window striping? Hmmm.... I definitely prefer smooting. Wonder if font choices don't play a role here>

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