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Macworld Editors’ Choice Awards 2003

Congratulations to the winners of the 2003 Macworld Eddy awards, particularly Bare Bones, Ranchero, and the Safari team—makers of great software that I use every day. Thanks also to Macworld for honoring SpamSieve with an Eddy and to everyone who has supported SpamSieve, in one way or another.


Thanks for heads up. I would also add that it appears a simple and elegant app like DropDMG understandably has a difficult time matching up with an app like FCP 4 et al and it's a shame that such get overlooked. It also belongs in my not so humble opinion. Certainly SpamSieve is a winner. I'm catching 99.999% of 200-250 spams per day. Congratulations to the head honcho of ATPM. 2003 was a good year for the Mac in so many ways.

Congrats on the Eddy! SpamSieve is wonderful!

SpamSieve and BBAutoComplete are pieces of software I use every day.

Thanks for such a great app!

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