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Eric Blair praises iStockphoto. Good to know.


A good place to stay away from. These folks take advantage of cheap labor and make themselves rich in the process. 20% royalties from candy-bar money prices is far, far outside the industry norm. Photographers deserve to be adequately compensated for their work and I urge photographers to learn about legitimate stock agencies and potential buyers to do the right thing by not supporting iStockphoto.

This is a great resource for both photographers and designers. Yes the images are cheap, but the quality is great. I've been using this site for years and the people are really helpful.

It's all about volume. If your images are great you'll get response to them on iStockPhoto, and you'll make money.

Playing the role of prima donna and waiting for that ONE buyer willing to pay big bucks for your photo doesn't generate a lot of money in case you haven't found that out. At least with iStockPhoto you can make a little on each of a lot of images rather than nothing waiting for that big sale.

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