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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Hydra 1.1.2

In other text editor news, Hydra has been improving quickly. The current version supports crude syntax coloring of many languages as well as live Web previews. It also works with the amazing TextExtras.

TextWrangler 1.5

The initial version of TextWrangler lacked one of BBEdit’s greatest features: AppleScriptability. TextWrangler 1.5 is now scriptable (and recordable and attachable) and adds syntax coloring for non-C programming languages and TeX. Notable BBEdit features absent from TextWrangler are the HTML tools, the glossary, file filters, multi-file diffs, CVS integration, and the shell palettes and worksheet. TextWrangler is now an extremely attractive product for people who don’t deal with HTML. That said, I regularly use all of the above features, except the shell worksheet, even when not dealing with HTML, so I think the full BBEdit is worth it for non-Web developers.


Buzz Andersen:

I thought I’d post a few of the highlights of my odyssey here, so everyone can experience the wonderful sights of Interstate 80 without actually driving the damn thing!