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WebDAV @ DreamHost

I’ve been very happy with DreamHost’s services, support, and prices. The only bad surprise so far is that the usernames for your mailboxes have to be server-unique strings like m1290123 rather than the names of the addresses they correspond to. Now DreamHost has added support for WebDAV, meaning that you can mount your server in the Finder.

If you’ll be opening an account with DreamHost, I’d appreciate your mentioning my referral id: mjtsai. By the way, I also recommend Pair, particularly for sites with lots of traffic.


Right on--love Dreamhost! I didn't know about the WebDAV--that's pretty cool!

I love Dreamhost--and use their WebDAV daily. It's really nice to work off, and when I set it up for clients that have tried (and sometimes failed) using FTP, they think I am a genius. Little do they know Dreamhost is the one who did all the work :).

The only thing I wish they had was webalizer... Much nicer package than whatever they use for stats. That and not limiting MySQL connections/queries (conuries in their terms), but that's for the good of the population so I can't complain too much.

Ya, Dreamhost has rapidly shot to the top of the list of new providers when my current hosting contract expires.

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