Thursday, July 17, 2003 [Tweets] [Favorites]

OSCON 2003

O’Reilly has news of everyone’s favorite scripting languages. The state of the onion is…just fine. Guido doesn’t say why he thinks CPython will be faster than Parrot/Python. Parrot is supposed to be fast, and the existing CPython is slow compared to other similar languages. So I don’t know whether he thinks there’s something intrinsically slow about Python, whether he’s just pessimistic about Parrot for some unknown reason, or whether he’s going to dramatically speed up CPython. Well, the competition should do everyone good. Finally, Matz was funny and insightful, as usual, in his talk about linguistic determination and programming language design: “While you program to solve your problem, I program your brain to work better.”


Mr Tsai, are you a Ruby convert?

I myself use Ruby for a variety of tasks.

I think Ruby's great. I also like Python.

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