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Icons Crisis

Matt Gemmell:

We all need icons, for our NSToolbars and documents, not to mention the all-important application icon itself. I propose that we work together to end this drought of decent icons amongst the artistically challenged of the OS X dev community.

The Missing Future

Eric Kidd (via Dave Winer):

I’m a 27-year-old programmer. When I’m 55—in 2031—I want to still be a programmer. And in 2031, I want to love my job as much as I do today. What will 2031 look like? Right now, two groups are offering their visions for the future: Microsoft and the open source movement. A third group is conspicuously silent: small, independent developers. What do the Microsoft and open source futures look like? Will the independent developers speak up? Which future should I fight for? My choices, and the choices of hundreds of thousands of people like me, will help determine which future we get.

Aqua for Command-Line Tools

Why is it that wrapper utilities like this never seem to handle shell quoting properly?

One Day at a Time

According to Steven Estrella, winner of the Bare Bones Software 10th Anniversary Essay Contest, BBEdit will help create “a new theme song will finally inspire the Red Sox to win their first World Series since 1918.”

Netflix Patent

I like Netflix and all, but this patent is pretty silly. However, the patent system has become a game where everyone is forced to play, if only for defense. E-Mail

I don’t understand why so many people use e-mail addresses when the service is seemingly so unreliable. Probably two thirds of the order confirmations eSellerate sends on my behalf that bounce are directed at addresses, and 7/7 in the last week.