Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Google’s AdSense lets Web sites serve targeted text ads to generate revenue. I’m trying it out on ATPM. I couldn’t get the login to work with Safari (it kept redirecting me to google.com), but it works fine in IE 5.

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Results from my early experiments with AdSense have been remarkable - a lot better than I expected. It's definitely worth trying.

Yes. I love Google since it always provide inovative technology. Now it even provide $$$. :-D

I think my site (Technovelgy.com - where science meets fiction) is kind of a challenge to Adsense. My pages are written for both parts of the science fiction audience; people who are interested in sf as literature or a way to discuss social issues, and the engineering and physics geeks who like the technology.

Frankly, there's no telling what kind of ads will appear. I don't think that helps my click-through rate, but it is sort of interesting.

It's an Adsense rorschach test!

I was very confused when showed up in my RSS reader today. Along with a post about Daring Fireball's first anniversary :')

@Bordplate WordPress has an issue where if I edit a really old post (in this case to add a tag) it will change the published date to the current date. So the post temporarily appears in the feed until I can change the date back.

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