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Photo Gallery

I’m trying to make an HTML gallery of photos to burn to CD. iPhoto won’t let me export HTML because I don’t have .Mac. BetterHTMLExport changes the descriptive image names that I added to numbers. iView MediaPro, PageThing, PhotoPage, and Photoshop Elements don’t support long file names. Is it time for a Perl script?


Have you tried Photoshop's HTML batch export?

No, I don't have the full Photoshop.

iPhoto does let you export to HTML without .mac.

Select the picures, or make an album and go to File->Export

Then choose the Web Page tab.

If you decide to go the Perl script route, I'm partial to this one.

Phil Larson: Hmm, I do have an "HTMLExporter.iPhotoExporter" inside my package, but the only two tabs when I export are "Better Web Page" and "File Export."

iPhoto definitely lets you export to HTMl without using .mac. As Phil said, just use the menu command instead of the export button.

LKM: Here's what it looks like when I use File>Export command. Am I missing something obvious?

I think there should be Web Page and QuickTime tabs to the left of File Export.

Do you have any other iPhoto plugins installed? I know I had trouble with export options getting disabled because I installed older iPhoto plugins that (I assume) were incompatible with the current iPhoto plugin API.

Otherwise, you might try reinstalling iPhoto :/

The only extra plug-in is BetterHTMLExport. But before that, it showed only the FIle Export option. All the Apple plug-ins you mention are in the iPhoto package, but it never seems to use them. I guess I'll try reinstalling iPhoto. I don't see how it could get messed up, since I never use it.

Next questions (assuming you haven't already reinstalled and fixed the problem) - are the plugins active?

If you Get Info on iPhoto, there's a Plug-Ins section where you can enable and disable plugins.

Yeah, I checked that and they were all enabled. So I gave up and reinstalled it. Now it works. :-)

Alright, let's hear it for the scorched-Earth approach to problem solving :)

I just saw another web album generator, but haven't tried it.

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