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Have you ever switched from Graphite to Aqua to take screenshots and been surprised by how bright it is?


Funny you should ask: yes! I almost can't stand the blue scroll bars when I switch it back.

Heh, I'm almost (not quite, but almost) in the opposite boat. Every once in a while, I try out Graphite and am always surprised at how dull it is.

To be more honest, what is actually my problem is that i'm incredibly visual. Call it stoopid if you like, but I wish Graphite had _some_ sort of visual uniqueness of the window widgets without having to hover the mouse over them.

The entire OS X GUI is getting very bright for me. All the stripes are making my eyes sore, and don't get me started on metal windows. I use Aqua, and everytime I give Graphite a chance I'm surprised to see how badly it fits with toolbar icons like Camino's. It isn't very attractive IMHO. One can only hope Panther brings new GUI styles a little less tiresome...

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