Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Adobe Reader

Sven-S. Porst:

Today brought us the advent of Acrobat Reader 6. And at a first glimpse this is a piece of software that wants to make you puke. I really like using PDF files because they’re an easy way to distribute documents efficiently without relying on other people to have a working TeX (or whatever other program you like to use) installation. But step by step Adobe has managed to turn Acrobat Reader into a crappy behemoth without any actual improvements.

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It makes me happy that OS X has PDF support built in, and i can use Preview instead of dealing with Acrobat Reader. I understand this doesnt work for everyone, but its good enough for me.

Yeah, I use Preview as much as possible. But sometimes I need to copy text or find or use links and bookmarks, and that means using Adobe Reader.

Frodo Loves I

Huh? What's so bad about Acrobat Reader 6? It's still a bloated piece of shit clearly designed by a set of X-Windows partisans, but at least you can finally select text in "hand cursor" mode.

Also "butt-ugly Microsoft toolbar" -- did he not use version 5? Although that description is still accurate, it was uglier with 5, IMHO.

And it lets you use a scroll wheel now. Good enough to convince me to upgrade.

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