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Tim Bray:

It was about a year ago that, after a decade or so of Windows on my client and Unix/Linux on my servers, I bought a TiBook and got into OS X. I am only rarely tempted to go back. It’s worth it, I think, to look back over the past year and see what the take-aways are.


I’m listening to the Celtics getting spanked tonight, but today will be a good day even if they lose. Danny Ainge has been named head of basketball operations. Ainge was a great player, has management experience, and, most importantly, seems to have a clue about the current team’s problems. I’m glad he seems to hold no grudge after being traded to Sacramento and having his number given to Rick Fox.



Quote of the Day

Joe [Klein]’s getting plastic surgery right now. It’s all right. He needed a little plastic surgery.Danny Ainge