Saturday, May 3, 2003

CD Labels

Is there a program like Discus—but better? A lot of people say it’s better than the others, which would be truly sad. I tried to use the demo a few days ago and it seemed unbelievably clumsy. I couldn’t control the formatting of the track names, and there wasn’t even a command for centering text boxes. The interface uses weird cross-platform controls that remind me of the Squeak demo I saw a few years ago.

I ended up making my labels in FrameMaker instead. I don’t really recommend doing layout-type stuff in FrameMaker, but it has good table support and I’m very comfortable with its stylesheet interface.

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Charles Gaudette

I gave up long ago. I now use a custom built Macromedia Fireworks document. A layer for page guides (which I hide from printing). A layer for a background to the text. And a text layer.

You should try Worldlabel for complete selection of cd labels in many materials and free cd label template download in PDF and Word format

Edward Ramsey

Disclabel is by far the best I have used. I have an R series Epson printer that allows me to print directly on CD media. Disclabel has a very simple, yet solid interface that similar to the various OS X applications. It is much more user freindly and powerful than the software that was shipped with the Epson drivers.

I have tried several templates and have even made my own to print directly from Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark. When it comes to printing from a desktop printer I have had the most success when using Dislabel.

I usually create the layout and artwork in photoshop and import that same psd file into Disclabel. it works great. Contact me if you would like the template.

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